lördag 4 september 2010


Raraste Malin på DEEP FLING ville ha min hjälp till att sprida ut denna info, så här kommer den! Hihihi, inte för att jag tror det är sååååååå många New York baserade Odd Molly läsare här på bloggen, men "what the H..."
Win tickets to see Odd Molly at the

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Sept. 15th!

We are so grateful and immensely proud to be able to give out THREE INVITES to the Odd Molly spring 2011 runway show! This magical show takes place Sept. 15th at 5pm at the Lincoln Center during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City.
In order to get one of these highly sought-after tickets, you of course need to:

Be in NY on Sept. 15 and able to make it to the show!

Look forward to seeing all the newest spring styles before everyone else.

Be able to email us by THIS MONDAY SEPT. 6th before 6pm (PST) to get a ticket, otherwise it will be too late to get on the guest list.

Aside from seeing a gorgeous Odd Molly spring 2011 collection shown on the runway, you will be right there with everyone who’s who in fashion! We want you to be our eyes and ears at this event. Send us some pictures and of course we would love to hear from you about everything that happened! Did you spot Per, Karin, Helena or Daisy? We know they will be there along with many other juicy celebs -so give us the scoop!
Email us at info@deepfling.com to submit your name -we will draw the winning names Monday night!
deepFLING - 466 N Coast Highway 101, Leucadia, CA 92024 - Tel: 760.942.4254 - Email: info@deepfling.com

Vi ses senare idag, ska klura lite på hur vi idag ska fira Bloggen 1-års dag!!

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